Logistic map

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The logistic map is a one-dimensional discrete time dynamical system that is defined by the equation

\[x_{n+1} =\lambda x_{n}(1-x_{n})\]

For an initial value \(0\leq x_{0}\leq1\) this map generates a sequence of values \(x_{0},x_{1},...x_{n},x_{n+1},...\) The growth parameter is chosen to be


which implies that for all \(n\) the state variable will remain bounded in the unit interval. Despite its simplicity this famous dynamical system can exhibit an unbelievable dynamic richness.

import brainpy as bp
import brainpy.math as bm
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
class LogisticMap(bp.Dynamic):
  def __init__(self, num, mu0=2., mu1=4.):
    super(LogisticMap, self).__init__(num)

    self.mu = bm.linspace(mu0, mu1, num)
    self.x = bm.Variable(bm.ones(num) * 0.2)

  def update(self):
    self.x.value = self.mu * self.x * ( 1- self.x)
map = LogisticMap(10000, 2, 4)
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runner = bp.DSRunner(map, monitors=['x'], dt=1.)
plt.plot(map.mu, runner.mon.x[1000:].T, ',k', alpha=0.25)